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How to Book - Serendipity Villas
Terms and conditions

Serendipity Villas Limited is and authorised agent of the Villa Owners. When you send Serendipity your rental deposit, the Reservation and Deposit Invoice together with the following Terms and Conditions become a binding contract.

1. Rules and Regulations. You and your guests shall abide by all rules and regulations established by Serendipity for appropriate decorum and civilised behaviour to ensure a family environment and the quiet enjoyment of all guests and neighbours.  Pets, illegal drugs, hazardous substances, and materials including fireworks are not allowed in the villa at any time.  Villa rules and regulations are established and enforced by Serendipity in their absolute discretion and are subject to change.  It is your responsibility to review and be aware of the rules and regulations.  Violations may result in removal from the villa.

2. Villa Occupancy.  The total number of person allowed to reside in the villa during the rental period is restricted to the number of persons scheduled and paid for as set forth on the “Reservation and Deposit Request” and “Client Confirmation Letter”, usually based on 2 persons per bedroom.  Infants sleeping in cribs do not count toward the total.  Changes to the number of persons or number of bedrooms stipulated on the Reservation and Deposit Request may result in additional cost or removal of guests from the villa without refund.

3. Check in/Check out. Check in is after 3PM; check out is before 12 Noon.  Failure to check out by 12 Noon will result in an extra night rental charge.

4. Security Deposit and Damages. A cash security deposit or open credit card charge may be required to cover any damages, breakage, missing items, long-distance calls charged to the villa, additional cleaning for villas left abnormally dirty, key replacement, gate remote control replacement, car rental and other charges, as Serendipity in its absolute discretion determines necessary.  Such deposit or credit card charge will also be utilized by Serendipity for any bills or charges not settled before checkout.

 5. Release of Liability. You hereby agree release and agree to hold Serendipity, their officers, directors, employees, representatives, agents and volunteers and the villa owner, harmless from and against all liability and responsibility whatsoever, for any damage to property, personal injury or loss of life which may occur to you or your guests as a result of your use of the villa and its amenities, and you do hereby agree to indemnify Serendipity and the villa owner from and against any costs, judgements, claims, or demands, including reasonable legal fees as a result of any third party actions arising from your and your guests’ use of the villa and its amenities including the swimming pool.  Serendipity is acting as the agent of the villa owner, and assumes no liability for property loss or damages to property, injuries, accidents, delays, or irregularities, including any caused by persons or carriers conveying passengers to their villas.  You and your guests are responsible for securing your own personal property including jewelry and other valuables.

 6. Payment of the Balance.  You must pay the balance of the gross rental fee at least 70 days before arrival.  If the balance is not received before the due date, Serendipity shall be entitled to retain all deposits and to cancel the booking without prejudice to a claim for cancellation charges.  Full payment of the gross rental fee is required for all reservations made within 70 days of arrival.


7. Cancellations.  Cancellation by you will result in your forfeit of 25% of the gross rental fee as liquidated damages if such cancellation is 70 days or more prior to your scheduled arrival and 100% of the gross rental fee as liquidated damages if 69 days or less prior to scheduled arrival.  Cancellations must be in writing to Serendipity.  No-shows, late arrivals, reductions in the number of people in the group after arrival and early departures are all non-refundable.  Any reduction in the number of nights reserved will be subject to cancelations fees.

8. Changes. After arrival, Villa changes are not permitted except for extreme cases, including loud construction or major problems with the villa.  Any changes will be made by Serendipity in its absolute discretion.  Prior to arrival, Serendipity will make every effort to provide the villa you have booked, but if Serendipity is unable to provide you with such villa for reasons beyond Serendipity’s control, Serendipity will advise you at the earliest possible date, and Serendipity reserves the right to transfer you to a similar property.  If such a transfer is not possible or you do not wish to be transferred, Serendipity will cancel the booking and refund all payments, but will not be liable for any cancellation charges for other travel arrangements.

 9. Insurance. Travel Insurance, homeowners insurance or other policies are available to cover certain misfortunes, unexpected events and delays which might interrupt, delay or cancel travel plans.  Appropriate coverage should be purchased at the time of the booking.

 10. Passports/Visas. You are advised to check that you have a valid passport and the necessary Visas as required by the country you are visiting.

 11. Complaints.  All representations made by Serendipity with respect to your villa are complete and accurate to the best of their knowledge and made in good faith.  Serendipity and the villa owner are not responsible for issues our of their control such as the failure of the public water supply, gas, electricity, telephone, air conditioning, television, cable service, appliances, etc, though they will endeavour to arrange for these problems to be solved upon notification.  If you or your guests have any problem during a stay you or your guests must notify Serendipity immediately.  Serendipity cannot claim compensation from the villa owner after you have returned from vacation if you have not recorded the problems with Serendipity during the stay.  Complaints filed only after vacating the property cannot be taken into consideration.  Guests who abandon the house without authorisation from Serendipity lose all rights to refund or rebate.

12. Governing Laws.
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